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Wordpress Themes

Completely original designs for your wordpress site. Using the latest css3 and html5 codes. Creating novel and unique ideas for each site. Make your site stand out!

Configuration panel for wordpress.
Adaptation to any device.
We customize the content of your widget.
CSS3, HTML5, Scripts + Plugins.

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Coppermine Themes

Creative and innovative, so are the designs that you can purchase here for your coppermine gallery. A novel, unique and original creation.

CSS3, HTML5, Scripts + Plugins.
Adaptation to any device.
Footer, Style, Contents, Social Links & MORE

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You can choose the style, a new classic design with the logo for your company, or a header style "collage" for your website. You can also choose the "Social Pack" option, it includes the design for your social networks.

Twitter Pack { Header 1500x500 PX + LOGO 500x500 PX }
Facebook Pack { Header + Logo }
Youtube, Instagram, Flickr, and MORE
Header {2200PX x 660PX}, Blends, Banner, Promotions Graph, & MORE

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